Abnormal vibration of high-pressure tubing


Abnormal vibration at the joints of high-pressure oil p […]

Abnormal vibration at the joints of high-pressure oil pipes causes oil leakage accidents, which is a more complicated problem. Because the high-pressure fuel pipe is connected to the high-pressure fuel pump and the fuel injector, it belongs to the fuel injection system, and its role is very important.

The high-pressure tubing can withstand a high pressure of up to 150MPa, abnormal vibration will cause huge losses, and there is also a great fire hazard. To troubleshoot, the opening and closing of the injector needle valve during operation will cause strong high-frequency vibrations in the high-pressure oil pipe, which is one of the important reasons for the damage of the high-pressure oil pipe. For this reason, the middle part of the high-pressure oil pipe can be fixed to the adjacent bolts and other fixing parts with clips to reduce resonance. In addition, the quality of the high-pressure oil pipe must be checked out and assembled correctly, and the pipe clamp must be installed in the correct position. Do not miss the installation. If there is a leak in the high-pressure tubing joint, some emergency measures we need to know are:
1. Cut a soft metal sheet or plastic sheet into a small ring to pad it in the joint cavity, and then press the horn;
2. Wrap the fuse and cotton thread around the shoulder in the tightening direction a few times, and tighten the joint nut. You can apply soap or cushion chewed bubble gum or chewing gum on the nut seat.

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