Advantages Of Wear-Resistant Rubber Gaskets


Wear-resistant rubber gasket is the most popular lining […]

Wear-resistant rubber gasket is the most popular lining material used in mining enterprises in my country in recent years. It can be widely used in mining equipment and parts and components, and has become the first choice for wear-resistant materials in the mining industry.
Its fundamental advantage lies in the use of innovative rubber mixing technology, from rubber selection to the use of additives, and vulcanization are different from the traditional rubber manufacturing process. In the process of traditional rubber making, in order to shorten the drying time, the dehydrated latex is usually hammer-milled and granulated. The shearing force generated damages the natural polymer chain of the rubber to a certain extent and reduces the rubber Natural wear resistance (the better

 the long rubber molecular chain is preserved, the better the wear resistance of the rubber). Moreover, a large amount of rubber additives are added to reduce the content of natural rubber.

Factors to consider when using rubber gaskets
Give full play to the characteristics of various gaskets. When using rubber gaskets, the following factors should be fully considered:
It has good elasticity and recovery, can adapt to pressure changes and temperature fluctuations, has appropriate flexibility, and can fit well with the contact surface;
Does not pollute the process medium;
Does not harden at low temperature, and the shrinkage is small;
Good processing performance, easy to install and press;
The sealing surface is not bonded, and it is easy to disassemble.
Rubber gasket application
Rubber gaskets are widely used in industries such as automobiles, electronics, chemicals, antistatic, flame retardant, food, various mechanical equipment, etc., and can play a role in cushioning, sealing, and cushioning.
Rubber gasket production method
Rubber gaskets can be molded or cut. The compression molding is made by using a hydraulic forming machine and a mold. The cutting is cut by a gasket cutting machine. Compared with the molding, it saves materials, but it is a single 

mold. Only one type of gasket can be made. The gasket cutting machine can cut any size within 1500mm, but the utilization rate of the plate is not very high.

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