Causes of bubbles in rubber products


Various problems are encountered in the daily productio […]

Various problems are encountered in the daily production process, and air bubbles are a relatively common problem. Some air bubbles are on the surface of rubber products and some are inside, and there are more reasons for them. Edited to tell everyone one by one
The reasons are as follows:
1. The problem of the raw material itself may be caused by poor quality, or by formula matching, or the material has too much moisture (it can be solved by adding calcium oxide during mixing). It is recommended that the manufacturer eliminate them one by one.
2. Irregular operation leads to insufficient or uneven rubber mixing. This problem can be circumvented by improving the work instructions. A complete and compliant work instruction is the most basic requirement of rubber products manufacturers.
3. For the problem of venting, firstly, it is necessary to rule out whether there is a process for setting venting during the processing, and then the problem of the mold itself. If the mold is not equipped with a vent groove, or the vent hole is unreasonably designed, or it is blocked by foreign objects, Will produce bubbles
4. Problems during vulcanization. If the vulcanization time is short and insufficient, the pressure is insufficient during vulcanization, or there are too many impurities in the vulcanizing agent, bubbles will also be generated.
5. The product is too thick, resulting in slower heat transfer of the rubber. In the end, only the outer surface is vulcanized, and the inside is full of bubbles.
Some other suggestions
1. The injection material speed slows down, and the excessively fast injection material speed during the processing is also an important reason for the generation of air bubbles.
2. We know that the bubbles are caused by the entry of air, and the solution is of course to avoid the entry of air, so a more thorough solution is to change the vulcanization molding machine to a vacuum molding machine.
Through the above brief introduction, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the causes and solutions of bubbles in rubber products. If you have anything else you want to know, or for business consultation, please feel free to contact us. Volkswagen Rubber has been focusing on rubber products for many years. Provide overall solutions from material research and development, mold development, to silicone rubber product manufacturing. Welcome to visit the factory.
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