Common rubber sealing ring classification


The commonly used sealing element in the seal is the ru […]

The commonly used sealing element in the seal is the rubber sealing ring. The classification of the rubber sealing ring is usually based on its main material, characteristics and movement form.

1. Classified by material

Different sealing rings are divided by different materials, and nitrile rubber sealing rings are usually used. Other common materials such as silicone rubber sealing ring, fluorine rubber sealing ring and so on.

2. Classified according to the characteristics of the sealing ring

This classification is mainly based on the combination of the working conditions and materials of the sealing ring. It can be divided into high temperature resistant sealing ring, low temperature resistant sealing ring, high pressure resistant sealing ring, wear resistant sealing ring, corrosion resistant sealing ring and so on.

3. Classified according to its form of exercise

Usually there are two types of motion forms, namely dynamic seal and static seal. Static sealing refers to sealing on two static surfaces. O-rings, which are widely used in sealing rings, are mainly used in static seals, followed by gasket seals. In dynamic sealing, according to whether the sealing ring and its relative moving parts are in contact, it can be divided into contact sealing and non-contact sealing. Among them, the rubber sealing ring is a contact sealing method. Usually in dynamic seals, the common forms of rubber seals include rotary shaft lip seals and reciprocating seals.

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