Container sealing tape


Many people think that the container sealing strip is t […]

Many people think that the container sealing strip is the cover of the container sealing for export. In fact, it is not. The container sealing strip we call is used on the door frame to prevent rain and wind from entering and protecting the goods inside the container. We Container sealing strips are also called container door frame rubber strips and box door sealing strips. Generally, two-composite container strips are used in the market, but this quality is not very easy to use, but the installation effect is very beautiful and generous. This kind of container sealing strip is made of pure rubber material. The rubber of this material has a very long service life. The only disadvantage is that the installation is relatively labor-intensive. Each of the above two points has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main container sealing strips we now produce are: For the production and extrusion vulcanization line of two compound and pure rubber, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we have a variety of specifications and models from stock throughout the year, and hope to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with you.
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