Do you know Neoprene CR?


Do you know Neoprene CR? It is polymerized from chlorop […]

Do you know Neoprene CR?

It is polymerized from chloroprene monomer. The vulcanized rubber has good elasticity and wear resistance, is not afraid of direct sunlight, has particularly good weather resistance, is not afraid of violent distortion, is not afraid of refrigerants, and is resistant to dilute acid and silicone ester. It is a lubricating oil, but it is not resistant to phosphate ester hydraulic oil. It is easy to crystallize and harden at low temperature, has poor storage stability, and expands greatly in mineral oil with low aniline point. The general operating temperature range is -50~150 ℃.

Advantages: good elasticity and good compression deformation, the formula does not contain sulfur, so it is very easy to make. It has the characteristics of resistance to animal and vegetable oils, and will not be affected by neutral chemicals, fats, oils, various oils, and solvents. Physical properties, with flame retardant properties.

Disadvantages: It is not recommended to use strong acids, nitro hydrocarbons, esters, chloroform and ketones. R12 refrigerant-resistant seals, rubber parts or seals on household appliances. It is suitable for making all kinds of parts that are in direct contact with the atmosphere, sunlight and ozone. Applicable to all kinds of fire-resistant and chemical-resistant rubber products.

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