Do you know sponge rubber?


Sponge rubber is a porous elastomer material, also know […]

Sponge rubber is a porous elastomer material, also known as foam rubber, foam rubber or microporous rubber. It is a general term for various rubbers with a pore structure. ASTM D1055 and ASTM D1056 define and classify latex sponges and dry foam sponges, respectively, and formulate methods for the determination of general physical properties.

The standard defines that the pores of such porous materials should be throughout the material. Completely separated, with a certain degree of cohesion) and mixed pores (both open and closed pores).

Accordingly, microporous rubber mainly includes two types of expanded rubber and sponge rubber. Due to different usage habits, the meaning of "sponge rubber" in domestic scientific literature does not distinguish the opening and closing mechanisms of cells.

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