Do you know synthetic rubber used in the medical field?


Among the many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber is th […]

Among the many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber is the best among them. It is odorless and non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and resistant to severe cold. It is "comfortable" and "unchanged" at 300 degrees Celsius
and minus 90 degrees Celsius, without losing its original strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxygen resistance, aging resistance, light resistance, aging resistance, mildew
resistance, chemical stability, etc. Due to these excellent properties, silicone rubber has played an important role in modern medicine. With the cooperation of hospitals, scientific research units and factories, a variety
of silicone rubber medical supplies have been successfully trial-produced.

Silicone Rubber Anti-Noise Earplugs:
Comfortable to wear, it can block noise well and protect the eardrum.

Silicone Rubber Fetal Head Aspirator:
It is easy to operate and safe to use. It can be deformed according to the size of the fetal head, and the fetal scalp will not be sucked up during suction, which can avoid the disadvantages of scalp hematoma and
intracranial injury, and can greatly reduce the pain of dystocia pregnant women during childbirth.

Silicone rubber graft:
With special physiological functions, it can achieve "intimacy" with the human body, and the human body does not reject it.

Silicone rubber eardrum patch:
The sheet is thin and soft, with good finish and toughness. It is an ideal material for repairing eardrums, and it is easy to operate and has a good effect.

In addition, there are silicone rubber artificial trachea, artificial lung, artificial bone, silicone rubber duodenal tube, etc., all of which are very effective.

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