Do you know what are the requirements for insulating glass sealing?


Do you know what are the requirements for insulating gl […]

Do you know what are the requirements for insulating glass sealing?

(1) Quality requirements for butyl coating

1. The butyl rubber coating should be uniform in width and width, and there should be no fracture phenomenon. After the width is flat pressed, it should cover the plane of the aluminum strip and the width of the section should not be less than 3mm, and the thickness should meet the requirements of 0.3mm±0.1mm. It is strictly forbidden to lose glue. The glue feeding at the periphery should not exceed 1mm, and at the same time, the glue feeding should be uniform, and the glue feeding at the corners should not exceed 2mm.

2. The inner surface of the aluminum frame should not have butyl glue, dirt pollution, etc., and keep the surface clean. During operation, adjust the glue output of the glue nozzle and the belt conveying speed in time to ensure uniform glue application.

(2) Quality requirements for coating silicone sealant

1. The glue residue on the glass surface must be cleaned to keep the glass surface clean.

2. When stacking glass, do not press large pieces into small pieces. The glass is placed in the middle of the transport vehicle and evenly spaced with spacers. The glass of the same project should be placed on the same vehicle as much as possible. There should be a matching packing card on each glass rack. If the finished glass is placed outdoors, the sheet should be covered in time and placed neatly.

3. Focus on gluing on the corners. There should be no depressions and leakage of glue. It should be closed at right angles. When gluing, there should be no air bubbles or air holes on the glue surface. The silicone glue should be firmly attached to the butyl glue.

4. The mixing ratio of the two-component silicone glue is subject to the manufacturer's data. The mixed glue should have no color difference, and the glue should be bright and black.

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