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What rubber products are in the car? The first thing th […]

What rubber products are in the car? The first thing that everyone thinks of may be tires. Yes, it is the most conspicuous in automotive rubber products and requires the most amount of rubber. It is also the largest annual rubber consumption in the world, accounting for more than 70%. Due to its particularity, it is separated from rubber products as a special variety in the rubber industry.
But in fact, in addition to tires, there are about 100-200 types of parts that need rubber in cars. Here is a small editor to popularize what are the car rubber products, which can be roughly divided into the following categories: shock absorbers, seals, Hose, safety products, tape and other rubber accessories
Shock absorption class:
It has been more than 100 years since the invention of the automobile. The comfort and stability have been continuously improved. Shock absorption products play an important role. They are distributed in the body, engine, and carriage suspension systems. The main parts include various shapes of rubber. Bushings/pads, air springs, engine suspension pads, etc.
Sealing strips, oil seals, and O-rings are known as the three major seals, and they are also automotive rubber products that require frequent maintenance. Sealing strips are responsible for sound insulation, sealing, shock absorption, etc. They are mainly installed in luggage compartments, engine hoods, doors and windows, etc.; oil seals are mainly divided into gearbox oil seals, shock absorber oil seals, etc. according to the installation position. O-rings are often used In the engine, hydraulic transmission system, to prevent the leakage of liquid or gas, and to prevent the entry of external impurities, which affects its normal operation
Hose and safety products:
Hose products, like the blood vessels of the human body, provide power to cars. They are often distributed in the engine, chassis and body. They are often used to supply air and transport liquids, such as gasoline and lubricants.
There are tens of thousands of roads, safety first, irregular driving, and tears of loved ones. In addition to external factors such as standard driving, the safety of the car itself is also very important. The main safety products include brake diaphragms, airbags, and brake pads. , When the vehicle is hit, the airbag provides the last safety guarantee for the personnel on the vehicle. The importance of automobile rubber can be imagined.
Tape and other rubber accessories
The role of the tape is to transmit speed and power, that is, wherever power is needed, I will transmit the power to wherever it is needed. It is often installed in the engine, steering gear, cooling fan and water pump.
There are many other automobile rubber products, such as mudguards, windshield wipers for removing rain and snow, and floor glue on the ground.
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