How to choose silicone rubber products correctly?


There are many types of silicone rubber products, and t […]

There are many types of silicone rubber products, and the physical properties of the materials are also different. So how do we choose a suitable silicone rubber material when we are developing and designing silicone rubber products? If you want to know the answer, let's look down together!
First of all, before selecting materials, we must first figure out the specific use environment of the product. This is very important, that is, to figure out the objects that must be contacted when working with silicone rubber products, including liquids, gases, solids and various chemicals. Some materials such as EPDM material have very poor oil resistance (gasoline/motor oil). If this material is selected, it must not be able to come into contact with oil (gasoline/motor oil), otherwise it will cause product problems, such as swelling or turtles. Crack and so on. The second is the working temperature of the product, the lowest to highest limit temperature that the material itself can withstand. Some seal products also consider the compression and permanent deformation of the material, whether it is a dynamic seal or a static seal. If it is a dynamic seal, the requirements for the material itself will be higher, and it needs to have a certain degree of wear resistance.
Then there is the cost factor of the material. Under the same use environment, we must also consider the cost factor of the material. It does not mean that the expensive one must be good, but the appropriate and practical material must be selected. The price of some materials fluctuates widely, and the supply of goods is also unstable, which also requires attention.
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