How to control the burrs of silicone rubber products?


The first is the mold. The structural design of the mol […]

The first is the mold. The structural design of the mold, the demolding method, the processing accuracy, etc. are closely related to the size of the burrs out of the final product.
The second is the molding process. Which molding process should be selected according to the product structure, appearance requirements, and order volume, unless of course the customer specifies. Commonly used is flat pressing, which is suitable for products with simple product structure and low burrs. The other is that the transfer process is generally suitable for silicone rubber products with high dimensional tolerances and burrs. There is also a kind of liquid silicone that is mainly competing for high-end precision silicone parts and silicone rubberized products, but the cost of the mold is relatively high, and a special liquid silicone injection machine is required to produce it, which is suitable for high-volume, high-precision silicone products.
The third molding parameter is mainly the setting vulcanization temperature, vulcanization time, molding pressure, etc. for the vulcanization of silicone rubber products. Of course, all parameters are not absolute, and some experience values ​​are often needed!
The post-processing of the fourth burr, now quite a few companies still use traditional manual trimming, and simple products also use punching. With the development of technology, some of them are slowly beginning to be adopted. Silicone rubber burr, trimming machine, silicone cold beat Each has its own advantages such as rough edges.

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