Material selection and installation purpose of pipeline rubber sealing ring


Pipe seals are specially developed by technical experts […]

Pipe seals are specially developed by technical experts using high-performance elastomer seal material and seal extrusion for heavy loads with large gaps between wellhead fittings and components. Pipe rubber seal ring made of metal rubber, which is a homogeneous elastic porous material. Dongpu seal tells you that the pipe seal is used to seal the ground wellhead to casing system which can replace the metal end cap and plastic bag sealing device at any time. . The combination of work features in the design, material and construction of the seal ensures that the integrity of the seal is maintained under adverse conditions, such as a wide range of operating and working pressures, chemically corrosive and highly abrasive media, and “piercing” "phenomenon.

First, the selection of sealing material performance, through the technical staff of Dongpu, the pipeline rubber sealing ring products must have good toughness, wear resistance, anti-explosion decompression and wide temperature bearing performance. It can be seen that the pipe seal is not tight and has anti-explosive and decompression performance, and can be used continuously in a very low temperature environment. Not only has the elasticity of rubber, but also has the excellent characteristics of metal, it can work at temperatures of -150~800 °C.

Second, how to install pipe seals?

The installation of the pipeline sealing ring adopts the system pressure and pressure. During the installation process, the outer diameter tolerance of the pipeline should be properly matched with the sealing ring and the surface should be kept neat and clean. The port needs to be manually ground to the chamfered end. The flexibility of the seal, together with the fastened spring ring, simplifies the installation and ensures the normal position of the seal on the housing.

Third, what are the sealing uses and fields of pipeline rubber seals?

3.1 drainage pipe seal;

3.2 Oilfield water injection pipe sealing ring;

3.3 Sealing of drinking water pipelines and water distribution pipes;

3.4 sewage collection and transportation pipelines, water pipeline sealing rings;

3.5 hot water delivery pipe, hot spring water pipe seal;

3.6 All kinds of process pipelines are sealed in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, sewage, food brewing and beverage processing, medicine, etc.;

3.7 FRP pipes, FRP sand pipes, cable protection pipes, flue gas desulfurization pipes, coal mine gas drainage pipes, power plant desulfurization and dust removal pipes, etc.

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