• O-ring specifications and standards

    O-ring specifications include UHSO-ring specifications, UHPO-ring specifications, UNO-ring specifications, DHO-ring specifications, piston rod O-ring specifications, high-temperature O-rings, high-pressure O-rings, and corrosion-resistant O-rings Ring, wear-resistant O-ring. The O-ring standards are... read more

    Dec 20,2019 News
  • O-ring application range

    O-rings are suitable for being installed on various mechanical equipment, and can play a role of sealing under static or moving conditions under the specified temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas media. Various types of seals are widely used in machine tools, ships, automobiles, aeros... read more

    Dec 28,2019 News
  • O-ring application introduction (1)

    1.YX O-ring for hole Product use: Used for sealing pistons in reciprocating hydraulic cylinders. Scope of application: TPU: general hydraulic cylinder, general equipment hydraulic cylinder. CPU: Hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery and high temperature and high pressure cylinders. Material... read more

    Jan 04,2020 News
  • Nitrile rubber gasket detailed introduction

    1) The material is dense, and it is not easy to leak the medium; 2) Have proper mechanical strength and hardness; 3) Good compressibility and resilience, and small deformation; 4) Does not soften and decompose at high temperatures, does not harden and does not crack at low temperatures; 5) Good corr... read more

    Jan 11,2020 News
  • Silicone rubber gasket performance

    1. Has excellent sealing performance, waterproof and leak-proof. 2. Good preservation effect, completely non-toxic and tasteless. 3. It can be placed under high-intensity temperature without deformation and harmful substances. 4. Good tensile properties, specially tested. 5. Long-term use does not c... read more

    Jan 21,2020 News
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