• What are the uses of high-pressure tubing?

    The high-pressure oil pipe is a component of the high-pressure oil circuit. The oil pipe needs to withstand a certain oil pressure and have a certain fatigue strength to ensure the sealing requirements of the pipeline. The high-pressure oil pipe for vehicles mainly appears in the high-pressure injec... read more

    Aug 20,2021 News
  • Design and use of O-ring (1)

    Improper design and use of O-ring will accelerate its damage and lose its sealing performance. Experiments show that if the design of each part of the sealing device is reasonable, simply increasing the pressure will not cause damage to the O-ring. Under high-pressure and high-temperature working co... read more

    Aug 12,2021 News
  • What are the installation requirements for O-rings?

    First, before installing the O-ring (O-shaped rubber sealing ring), check the following items: 1. Whether the lead-in angle is processed according to the drawing, whether the sharp edge is chamfered or rounded; 2. Whether the inner diameter is deburred and whether there is pollution on the surface; ... read more

    Aug 05,2021 News
  • How to choose silicone rubber products correctly?

    There are many types of silicone rubber products, and the physical properties of the materials are also different. So how do we choose a suitable silicone rubber material when we are developing and designing silicone rubber products? If you want to know the answer, let's look down together! First of... read more

    Jul 23,2021 News
  • What factors will affect the sealing performance of silicone rubber products?

    Silicone rubber materials can be widely used in the field of waterproof sealing because of their good resilience. However, in the product development stage, we have often encountered problems that many companies have encountered poor sealing performance of silicone rubber products or fail to meet th... read more

    Jul 16,2021 News
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