• Performance analysis of nitrile rubber gasket

    (1) The code name of nitrile butadiene rubber: NBR nitrile butadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber made by copolymerizing butadiene and acrylonitrile. It is a synthetic rubber with good oil resistance (especially nitrile rubber alkane oil) and good aging resistance. (2) The acrylonitrile content (%) ... read more

    Dec 17,2020 News
  • Selection Of Oil Seal

    Generally, the operating pressure of the oil seal usually does not exceed 0.05MPa. When the operating pressure exceeds this value, pressure-resistant oil seals should be selected.  The selection of oil seals for rubber gasket manufacturers should be based on the sealing medium and operating conditio... read more

    Dec 12,2020 News
  • Rubber industry Development

    The rubber industry is one of the important basic industries of the national economy. It not only provides people with daily-use, medical and other light industrial rubber products that are indispensable in daily life, but also provides various rubber production equipment or rubber parts for mining,... read more

    Dec 07,2020 News
  • How are silicone rubber products made?

    The first is to prepare the raw materials. Raw rubber is the most basic, followed by auxiliary materials used to improve certain properties of the product (such as acid and alkali resistance, insulation, flame resistance), and finally fiber and metal materials used to limit product variants, althoug... read more

    Nov 27,2020 News
  • What are the types of flange rubber gaskets?(2)

    4. Fluorine rubber gasket FKM rubber gasket, FPM fluorine rubber sheet, VITION fluorine rubber gasket, fluorine rubber compound is made by mixing binary and ternary fluorine rubber with compounding agent and vulcanizing agent. In addition to excellent heat resistance, medium resistance, and good phy... read more

    Nov 19,2020 News
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