• Introduction to rubber seals

    A rubber seal is an annular cover consisting of one or several parts that is attached to a ferrule or washer of the bearing and contacts another ferrule or gasket or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent oil leakage and foreign matter intrusion. read more

    Jul 19,2019 News
  • Basic process of rubber products

    There are many kinds of rubber products, but the production process is basically the same. The basic process of rubber products using general solid rubber-raw rubber as raw materials includes six basic processes of mastication, mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding and vulcanization. Of course, ba... read more

    Jul 27,2019 News
  • Metal rubber seals use

    (1) FRP pipe; FRP sand pipe; Cable protection pipe; Flue gas desulfurization pipe; Coal mine gas drainage pipe; Power plant desulfurization and dedusting pipe; (2) Municipal water supply and drainage pipe sealing; (3) Sealing of various process pipes (petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, se... read more

    Aug 10,2019 News
  • Oil seal advantage

    1. The oil seal structure is simple and easy to manufacture. The simple oil seal can be molded at one time, even the most complicated oil seal, the manufacturing process is not complicated. The metal skeleton oil seal can also be used to form the oil seal required for metal and rubber by stamping, g... read more

    Aug 16,2019 News
  • Silicone rubber classification

    There are many methods for classifying silicone rubber. They are usually divided into solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber according to the form before curing. They are classified into room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber according t... read more

    Aug 24,2019 News
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