Method for molding rubber products


1.Calendering It is suitable for the manufacture of sim […]

It is suitable for the manufacture of simple sheet and plate products. It is a method of pressing a rubber compound into a certain shape and a certain size by a calender, which is called calender molding. Some rubber products, such as tires, tapes, hoses, etc., must be coated with a thin layer of glue. The glue on the fibers is also called glue or glue. The glue application process is also generally done on the calender. The purpose of the fiber material to be dried and dipped before calendering is to reduce the water content of the fiber material so as not to evaporate the water and to increase the temperature of the fiber material to ensure the quality of the calendering process. Dipping is a necessary process before the glue is applied to improve the bonding properties of the fiber material and the rubber compound.
2. Extrusion molding
For more complex rubber products, such as tire tread, hose, wire surface coating needs to be made by extrusion molding. It is a method of putting a certain plasticity into a hopper of an extruder under the extrusion of a screw through a variety of mouth shapes, also called a template. Before the extrusion, the rubber must be preheated to make the rubber soft and easy to extrude to obtain a rubber product with smooth surface and accurate size.
3. Molding
It is also possible to use a molding method to manufacture certain rubber articles having complicated shapes such as cups and seals, and to place the rubber in the mold by means of a molded female and male mold.

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