• Some thoughts on silicone rubber products industry

    With the continuous development of society, the continuous upgrading and maturity of the silicone rubber products industry, the continuous increase in material costs, and the vicious competition in the industry, my country’s labor-intensive industries have become more and more aware of the severity ... read more

    Jul 02,2021 News
  • Why do rubber products age?

    First of all, what is aging, and what are the manifestations of aging? The specific performance is softening, hardening, stickiness, etc., for example, tires will crack after a long time, which is also a performance of aging, and for example, the product has not been used for a long time before it i... read more

    Jun 25,2021 News
  • Some common sense in the application field of silicone rubber products

    Regarding silicone rubber products, we have introduced a lot of articles in this area before. Friends who are interested can learn about it. Today, we will give you a little knowledge about the application of silicone rubber materials. First of all, let’s take a look at silica gel. The application f... read more

    Jun 18,2021 News
  • Why are most rubber products black?

    We can see a lot of rubber products in life, such as tires, seals, shock absorbers, etc. They all have one thing in common, they are all black. Have you thought about why? Simple science We know that the most primitive color of rubber material is white. At this time, if you use it directly for proce... read more

    Jun 11,2021 News
  • How does the zero burr O-ring do it?

    In all silicone rubber products, in addition to the most common tires, the other is the O-ring (there is also a 0-ream), which has the basic characteristics of shock absorption, sealing, and wear resistance. Depending on the material, it can also have oil and oil resistance. Chemical and other prope... read more

    Jun 03,2021 News
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