• The relationship between the pump valve and the rubber diaphragm

    Where there are pumps, valves are inseparable, and where there are pumps and valves, they cannot be separated from diaphragms. What kind of connection is between pumps, valves, and diaphragms? Before talking about the connection, it is necessary to popularize it with everyone. The basic knowledge of... read more

    May 28,2021 News
  • The difference between food grade silicone products

    We know that rubber materials are commonly used in industries, machinery, automobiles and other fields due to their excellent mechanical properties and reasonable prices. Silicone is widely used in electronic equipment due to its environmental protection and non-toxicity. In fact, silica gel can be ... read more

    May 21,2021 News
  • Respiratory Tract Of Car Engine: Rubber Intake Pipe

    Let me start with a digression. Have you ever thought about which market is the largest rubber consumption? In fact, the rubber consumption in the automobile industry accounts for 70% of the rubber market, and the rubber consumption of tires in it accounts for 60%. In addition, 40% of it is some oth... read more

    May 14,2021 News
  • About The Selection Of Rubber Diaphragm Materials

    Pump valves are widely used in industry, agriculture, and life. The realization of their suction/pressure regulation and throttling functions can be said to be completely dependent on the diaphragm. The use of pump valves is changeable, and different use environments affect rubber membranes. The fil... read more

    May 06,2021 News
  • Causes of bubbles in rubber products

    Various problems are encountered in the daily production process, and air bubbles are a relatively common problem. Some air bubbles are on the surface of rubber products and some are inside, and there are more reasons for them. Edited to tell everyone one by one The reasons are as follows: 1. The pr... read more

    Apr 30,2021 News
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