• About The Selection Of Rubber Diaphragm Materials

    Pump valves are widely used in industry, agriculture, and life. The realization of their suction/pressure regulation and throttling functions can be said to be completely dependent on the diaphragm. The use of pump valves is changeable, and different use environments affect rubber membranes. The fil... read more

    May 06,2021 News
  • Causes of bubbles in rubber products

    Various problems are encountered in the daily production process, and air bubbles are a relatively common problem. Some air bubbles are on the surface of rubber products and some are inside, and there are more reasons for them. Edited to tell everyone one by one The reasons are as follows: 1. The pr... read more

    Apr 30,2021 News
  • The method of forming sponge foam sealing strip manufacturers

    1. Calendering is suitable for the production of simple sheet and plate products. It is the method of pressing the rubber compound into a film with a certain shape and a certain size through a calender, which is called calendering. Some rubber products such as tires, rubber cloth, hoses and other te... read more

    Apr 22,2021 News
  • Container sealing tape

    Many people think that the container sealing strip is the cover of the container sealing for export. In fact, it is not. The container sealing strip we call is used on the door frame to prevent rain and wind from entering and protecting the goods inside the container. We Container sealing strips are... read more

    Apr 16,2021 News
  • The green development trend of rubber seals

    Most of the original materials used for rubber sealing strips can still be used as the original materials for green rubber sealing strips, such as EPDM. Because this material has a high vulcanization speed, excellent extrusion technology function, excellent ozone resistance, weather aging resistance... read more

    Apr 08,2021 News
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