• Advantages and disadvantages of ethylene propylene rubber and nitrile rubber for automobile engine system seals?

    Ethylene-propylene rubber EPDM is made by copolymerization of ethylene and propylene, so it has excellent heat resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, and stability, but it cannot be sulfurized. In order to solve this problem, a small amount is introduced into the EP main chain It has the th... read more

    Sep 03,2020 News
  • What are the forms of rubber gaskets?

    There are many forms of rubber gaskets, such as some commonly used rubber flat gaskets, rubber O-rings, plastic flat gaskets, PTFE-coated gaskets, asbestos rubber gaskets, metal flat gaskets, metal special-shaped gaskets, Metal sheathed washers, wave washers, spiral wound washers, etc. The rubber fl... read more

    Aug 27,2020 News
  • What are the characteristics and applications of nitrile rubber gaskets?

    1. Characteristics of nitrile rubber gasket: petroleum base oil, hydrocarbon resistance and water resistance increase with the increase of acrylonitrile content, but the low temperature and air permeability will decrease accordingly. It is not suitable for phosphate ester, hydraulic oil and containi... read more

    Aug 21,2020 News
  • What are the characteristics of silicone rubber gaskets?

    1. High and low temperature resistance, can be used for a long time at 200℃, and still elastic at -60℃; 2. Electrical insulation function, the dielectric function of silicone rubber is excellent, especially the dielectric function at high temperature greatly exceeds that of general organic rubber, a... read more

    Aug 13,2020 News
  • What are the basic characteristics of rubber gaskets?

    1. When the rubber gasket is molded, the cohesive force of the elastomer cannot be eliminated due to the large pressure limit. When the molding is released, the extremely unstable shortening often occurs (the shortening rate of the rubber depends on the type of rubber. There are differences), it mus... read more

    Aug 07,2020 News
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