• What are the main materials of rubber gaskets?

    The main materials of rubber gaskets are: silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and other rubbers. The silicone rubber has outstanding resistance to high and low temperatures. It can maintain good elasticity in a temperature range of 70°C to 260°C, and is resista... read more

    Jul 11,2020 News
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber?

    Natural rubber Natural rubber is made from rubber tree latex and is a polymer of isoprene. It has good wear resistance, high elasticity, tear strength and elongation. It is easy to age in the air and becomes sticky when heated. It is easy to swell and dissolve in mineral oil or gasoline, resistant t... read more

    Jul 02,2020 News
  • What are chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber and silicone rubber?

    1. Chlorosulfonated polyethylene adhesive advantage: · Good resistance to ozone, oxidation and flame · Physical properties are similar to neoprene and have better acid resistance · Excellent abrasion resistance · Has the same low friction surface as nitrile rubber · Resistance to oils and solvents i... read more

    Jun 24,2020 News
  • What are the trimming of O-rings?

    The unvulcanized O-ring compound is a viscous fluid under high temperature and pressure, and at the molding vulcanization stage, the compound quickly fills the mold cavity and its excess part (in order to prevent the lack of glue, the rubber compound filled in the mold cavity, sure Maintain a certai... read more

    Jun 18,2020 News
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic rubber and polyurethane rubber?

    1. Acrylate rubber ACM Polyacrylate Rubber is an elastomer composed of Alkyl Ester Acrylate as the main component. It is resistant to petrochemical oil, high temperature and weather resistance. It is weaker in mechanical strength, compression deformation rate and water resistance than ordinary Greas... read more

    Jun 10,2020 News
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