• A brief introduction to the oil seal

    An oil seal is a customary term for a general seal, simply a seal of a lubricant. It is a mechanical component used to seal grease (oil is the most common liquid substance in the transmission system, also refers to the general liquid substance), it isolates the parts of the transmission parts that n... read more

    Jul 05,2019 News
  • Rubber seal products are classified by type

    1.O type sealing ring series It is made of fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, silica gel, ethylene propylene rubber, difluoro rubber and other materials. It is widely used in various machinery, resistant to various petroleum base oils and various chemical media: it can be used without glue. 60 ° C - +... read more

    Jun 29,2019 News
  • Rubber gasket storage precautions

    Rubber gasket technical standards have rules. Storing, Packing, and Shipping If the storage conditions are in compliance with the rules, anti-aging ethylene propylene rubber and fluoro rubber will not be bad for a long time. The shelf life of rubber parts depends on the environment in which the vari... read more

    Jun 20,2019 News
  • Selection of rubber gaskets

    The selection of rubber gasket materials is mostly in complex environments (temperature changes, contact media) and harsh Working under conditions (pressure, friction), so design and use should take into account several basic requirements: a. Good elasticity, especially good recovery. Plastic deform... read more

    Jun 15,2019 News
  • Application of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

    (1) Construction industry. Used for bonding glass and metal curtain wall, roof sealing, door and window sealing, adhesive sealing of various pools and tiles. (2) Electronic industry. Encapsulation and infusion materials for electrical and electronic components that are resistant to moisture, shock a... read more

    May 31,2019 News
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