• Rubber product vulcanization related issues

    1. What are the toxic gases produced during the vulcanization of rubber products? The vulcanization process of rubber is semi-closed vulcanization in the oven. Some rubber will emit a trace amount of toxic gas and can smell very heavy rubber. For example, sulfur monoxide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trio... read more

    Apr 04,2019 News
  • Structural composition of rubber gasket

    Linear structure: the general structure of unvulcanized Rubber gasket. Due to the large molecular weight, it has a thin mass after no external force. When the external force acts, the exclusion force is removed, the entanglement degree of the thin group changes, the molecular chain rebounds, and a s... read more

    Mar 25,2019 News
  • Classification of rubber gaskets

    Classification of Rubber gaskets Cell mechanism Closed-cell microporous rubber and open-cell microporous rubber; Foaming rate class Low foaming (visual density ≥0.5g/cm 2 ) and high foaming (visual density <0.5g/cm 2 ); Rubber matrix NR rubber (natural rubber), SBR rubber (styrene-butadiene rubbe... read more

    Mar 18,2019 News
  • Application of rubber products and rubber gaskets

    Rubber gaskets are widely used in automotive, electronics, chemical, antistatic, flame retardant, food, various mechanical equipment and other industries, which can play the role of gasketing, sealing and buffering. Rubber product refers to the activity of producing various rubber products from natu... read more

    Mar 11,2019 News
  • Characteristics of rubber products

    1. When the rubber product is molded, it is not able to eliminate the cohesive force prepared by the elastic body after being pressed by a large pressure. When forming the mold, it tends to produce extremely unstable shrinkage (the shrinkage rate of the rubber Change depending on the rubber type). )... read more

    Mar 01,2019 News
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