• Rubber gasket mastication

    Raw rubber is elastic and lacks the plasticity properties necessary for processing, so it is not easy to process. In order to improve the plasticity, the raw rubber is masticated, so that the compounding agent is easily dispersed uniformly in the raw rubber during the kneading, and also helps to imp... read more

    Apr 30,2019 News
  • Rubber vulcanization

    The process of converting plastic rubber into elastic rubber is called vulcanization. It is to add a certain amount of vulcanizing agent such as sulfur, vulcanization accelerator, etc. to a semi-finished product made of raw rubber, and heat and heat the temperature at a predetermined temperature in ... read more

    May 11,2019 News
  • Rubber product production support measures

    1. Increase the strength - with hard carbon black mixed with phenolic resin 2. Increase wear resistance - with hard carbon black 3. High air tightness requirements - use less volatile components 4. Increase heat resistance - using a new vulcanization process 5. Increase cold resistance - through the... read more

    May 17,2019 News
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