• In which aspects does the door and window frame do the waterproof and weatherproof sealing of the structure itself (1)?

    (1) Fine seam glue Aluminum alloy, wood-aluminum composite doors and windows have many small gaps, such as corner gaps, gaps at the stile joints, etc. Rainwater will penetrate through these slits, resulting in the reduction of the watertightness and airtightness of the doors and windows, and the acc... read more

    Mar 18,2022 News
  • Do you know the types of fluororubber gaskets?

    The fluorine rubber used in fluorine rubber gaskets can be divided into the following categories: Fluorine rubber 23, commonly known as No. 1 rubber in China, is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and chlorotrifluoroethylene. Fluorine rubber 26, commonly known as No. 2 rubber in China, is a copolyme... read more

    Mar 11,2022 News
  • What is a car weather strip

    What is a car weather strip The automobile sealing strip is mainly made of EPDM rubber foam with good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, aging resistance, ozone, chemical action, and a wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+120℃). It is densely compounded and contains unique meta... read more

    Mar 04,2022 News
  • Do you know dimethyl silicone rubber?

    Dimethyl silicone rubber is referred to as methyl silicone rubber: the preparation of high molecular weight linear dimethyl polysiloxane rubber requires high-purity raw materials. , dimethyldichlorosilane with a content of more than 99.5% is hydrolyzed and condensed in an ethanol-water medium under ... read more

    Feb 14,2022 News
  • Do you know the effect of sliding surfaces on O-rings?

      The roughness of the sliding surface is a direct factor affecting the friction and wear of the O-ring surface. Generally speaking, the smooth surface has less friction and wear, so the roughness value of the sliding surface is often very low (Ra0.2-.050μm). However, experiments have shown tha... read more

    Feb 21,2022 News
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