• What are shaft seals? What are the advantages?

    The shaft seal  is composed of a low friction filled PTFE seal ring and a vulcanized rubber ductile O-ring. It is a kind of hydraulic cylinder technology professional and dental inlay seal, and it is also a single Edge function components. High-pressure system software hydraulic cylinder suitable fo... read more

    Nov 19,2021 News
  • What are the common leakage methods for vulcanized rubber O-rings (2)

    O-ring sealing method: According to the type of load, it can be divided into static sealing and dynamic sealing; according to the main purpose of sealing, it can be divided into hole sealing, shaft sealing and rotating shaft sealing; according to its installation method, it can be divided into axial... read more

    Nov 11,2021 News
  • What are the common leakage methods for vulcanized rubber O-rings (1)

    There are generally four methods for leakage of O-rings: page leakage, immersion leakage, decentralized leakage, and destruction leakage. O-ring page leakage: due to insufficient gasket clamping, improper smoothness of the flange contact surface, flange deformation, etc., leakage will occur on the s... read more

    Nov 04,2021 News
  • What is the difference between EPDM and silicone rubber seals?

    EPDM EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) means a single butadiene pe diene, a kind of styrene butadiene rubber for various applications. EPDM is commonly used in vehicles and construction industries for various sealing properties because it has high-quality resistance to environmental elements s... read more

    Oct 26,2021 News
  • What is the construction method of the seal

    Use cotton yarn to clean the dust, oil and water on the surface of the glued part of the seal. If the surface is easy to peel off and rust, it should be removed in advance. If necessary, you can also wipe the surface with organic solvents such as alcohol and acetone. According to the shape of the co... read more

    Oct 20,2021 News
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