Phenylene And Phenyl Ether Silicone Rubber


Phenylene silicone rubber is a type of silicone rubber […]

Phenylene silicone rubber is a type of silicone rubber in which phenylene groups are introduced into the main chain of polysiloxane.
Due to the introduction of phenylene groups, the radiation resistance of silicone rubber is greatly improved. At the same time, the presence of aromatic rings increases the rigidity of the molecular chain, reduces flexibility, increases the glass transition temperature, and decreases cold resistance, while the tensile strength is Increased. Phenylene silicone rubber has excellent high temperature resistance and radiation resistance, high temperature resistance can reach 250~300℃, and has good dielectric properties, moisture and mildew resistance and water vapor resistance. In the raw rubber composition of phenylene silicone rubber, it is suitable when the phenylene content is 60%, the phenyl content is 30%, and the methyl content is 10% (the vinyl content is 0.6%). In this case, the vulcanized rubber Has a good comprehensive performance.
The disadvantage of phenylene silicone rubber is its poor low-temperature performance, and its brittleness temperature is -25℃, which affects its application in some aspects. The low-temperature performance of phenylene silicone rubber is far 2. Better than phenylene silicone rubber, brittle The temperature is -64~70℃.
Phenylene oxide silicone rubber is a polysiloxane with phenyl ether and phenylene groups introduced into the molecular backbone.
Phenyl ether based silicone rubber has good mechanical properties. Generally, the tensile strength can reach 150~180 kg/cm² (that is, 14.7~17.7Mpa is much higher than the strength of vinyl silicone rubber. At the same time, it has excellent radiation resistance and is better than benzene. Supporting silicone rubber. It can withstand long-term hot air aging at 250°C, and still has high strength after aging. Although the low temperature performance of phenylene oxide silicone rubber is worse than that of vinyl silicone rubber, it is far superior to phenylene silicone rubber. Its dielectric properties are close to those of vinyl silicone rubber, but phenylene ether based silicone rubber has poor oil resistance. It is neither resistant to non-polar petroleum-based oils nor to polar synthetic oils (such as 4109 diester synthetic lubricants, The performance of phosphate ester hydraulic oil. In short, compared with vinyl silicone rubber, phenylene ether based silicone rubber has higher strength and radiation resistance, similar high temperature resistance and dielectric properties, and poor low temperature performance, oil resistance and Elasticity. Phenyl ether based silicone rubber has good processing performance and can be used to manufacture special requirements of model products and extruded products.

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