Product introduction and product characteristics of silicone rubber O-rings?


1. Product introduction Silicone rubber O-ring is an an […]

1. Product introduction
Silicone rubber O-ring is an annular product made of silicone rubber. It is a category of silicone rubber products. The main constituent material of general silicone rubber O-ring is VMQ-methyl vinyl silicone rubber.

2. Product features
Silicone rubber O-rings have good characteristics such as wide temperature adaptability, tightness, insulation, dielectric properties, and environmental protection.
1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, non-yellowing;
2. Soft, good elasticity, resistance to kink and no deformation;
3. No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance;
4. Has higher tear strength and superior electrical performance;
5. It has the advantages of high transparency, odorless, no yellowing, no blooming, etc., especially to solve the problem of black hose blooming, blue products fading, soft, high tear resistance, high insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance , Flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection, tensile, stable performance and other advantages.

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