Rubber gasket mastication


Raw rubber is elastic and lacks the plasticity properti […]

Raw rubber is elastic and lacks the plasticity properties necessary for processing, so it is not easy to process. In order to improve the plasticity, the raw rubber is masticated, so that the compounding agent is easily dispersed uniformly in the raw rubber during the kneading, and also helps to improve the permeability of the rubber into the fiber fabric during the calendering and molding process. And molding fluidity. The process of degrading the long-chain molecules of raw rubber to form plasticity is called mastication. There are two kinds of raw plastic mastication methods: mechanical mastication and thermoplastic refining. Mechanical mastication is a process in which the degradation of long-chain rubber molecules is shortened from a highly elastic state to a plastic state by mechanical extrusion and friction of a plasticizer at a relatively low temperature. Thermoplasticing is the introduction of hot compressed air into the raw rubber to shorten the degradation of long-chain molecules under heat and oxygen to obtain plasticity.

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