Rubber product production support measures


1. Increase the strength - with hard carbon black mixed […]

1. Increase the strength - with hard carbon black mixed with phenolic resin
2. Increase wear resistance - with hard carbon black
3. High air tightness requirements - use less volatile components
4. Increase heat resistance - using a new vulcanization process
5. Increase cold resistance - through the inlaid setting of raw rubber to reduce the tendency of crystallization? Use low temperature resistant plasticizer
6. Increase flame resistance - no flammable additives, less softeners, use of flame retardants such as antimony trioxide
7. Increased oxygen and ozone resistance - using p-diamine protectants
8. Improve electrical insulation - use high-structure filler or metal powder with antistatic agent
9. Improve magnetic properties - using barium iron oxide powder, aluminum nickel iron powder, iron powder, etc. as a filler
10. Improve water resistance - use lead oxide or resin vulcanization system with low water absorption filler such as barium sulfate, clay
11. Improve oil resistance - fully cross-linking, less plasticizer
12. Improve acid and alkali resistance - multi-purpose filler
13. Improve high vacuum - with low volatility additives
14. Reduce hardness - a large amount of softener.

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