Rubber product raw material preparation


1. The main raw material of rubber products is raw rubb […]

1. The main raw material of rubber products is raw rubber as the basic material, while raw rubber is grown in the tropical, subtropical rubber trees collected by artificially cutting the bark.

2. Various compounding agents are auxiliary materials added to improve certain properties of rubber products.

3. Fiber materials (cotton, hemp, wool and various rayon, synthetic fiber and metal materials, steel wire) are used as a skeleton material for rubber products to enhance mechanical strength and limit product modification. In the raw material preparation process, the ingredients must be weighed accurately according to the formula. In order to allow the raw rubber and the compounding agent to be uniformly mixed with each other, the material needs to be processed. The raw rubber should be softened in a 60--70 ° C drying room, then cut into pieces, broken into small pieces, and the compounding agent has a block shape. Such as paraffin, stearic acid, rosin, etc. to be crushed. If powdery contains mechanical impurities or coarse particles, it is necessary to screen and remove liquid such as pine tar. Gumaron needs heating, melting, evaporating water, and filtering impurities. If the compounding agent is dried, it will be easy to agglomerate and if it is not dispersed during mixing. Air bubbles generated during uniform vulcanization will affect product quality

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