Some common sense in the application field of silicone rubber products


Regarding silicone rubber products, we have introduced […]

Regarding silicone rubber products, we have introduced a lot of articles in this area before. Friends who are interested can learn about it. Today, we will give you a little knowledge about the application of silicone rubber materials.
First of all, let’s take a look at silica gel. The application fields of silica gel are very wide. Because it has no odor, good resilience, and is relatively easy to be made into food-grade materials, it is widely used in baby products, electronic product protective covers, waterproof seals, and silicone buttons. , Medical equipment and other fields.
Let's talk about rubber again. Because there are many types of rubber, we will choose some of the more commonly used materials to introduce to you.
EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber has good aging resistance and good airtight performance, and is widely used in the field of automobile and electrical machinery and equipment waterproof sealing.
NBR nitrile rubber has good oil resistance and abrasion resistance. It is mostly used in automobiles, cylinders and other fields.
CR neoprene has good bonding properties and is widely used in woodworking, furniture, shoemaking, construction, electronics, textiles and other fields
FKM fluorine rubber has good high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and flame retardancy, and is widely used in automobile engines and new energy vehicles.
Of course, there are many applications of silicone rubber products. The above are only the applications of a few commonly used materials. Do you have a better understanding of silicone rubber materials through the above introduction? Volkswagen Rubber has focused on silicone rubber products for many years, providing a total solution from the development of materials to the development of molds and silicone rubber products.
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