Some thoughts on silicone rubber products industry


With the continuous development of society, the continu […]

With the continuous development of society, the continuous upgrading and maturity of the silicone rubber products industry, the continuous increase in material costs, and the vicious competition in the industry, my country’s labor-intensive industries have become more and more aware of the severity of the situation, especially in the United States. Western developed countries led by Western countries have returned to high-end manufacturing, and low-end manufacturing has shifted to low-cost countries. Under such a “double squeeze”, our private enterprises have become more and more aware of the unsustainability of traditional manufacturing methods.
In the traditional manufacturing industry, the cost of human resources is the main cost component of an enterprise. For example, in the production process of the silicone rubber products industry, more manual processes are required, such as the collection and processing of raw rubber raw materials, and the refining of rubber materials. From the design and development of the mold, to the molding and vulcanization of the product, and the final manual full bolt, these links will increase the operating cost of the enterprise, making the personnel salary occupy a large proportion of the production cost of the product, and finally reflect the unit price of the product: It is so much higher than that of developing countries, and finally the competitiveness of enterprises naturally declines
The aging trend is difficult to reverse in the short term. This makes China's advantage in demographic dividends gradually disappear, and it is difficult to recruit people. The difficulty in employment has been felt by many companies. In fact, this is just the beginning for China, and many developed countries. China has been troubled by this problem for a long time
Under such a macro background, countries around the world have successively launched different strategic plans, such as "Made in China 2025", the United States "National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing", Germany "Industry 4.0", and Japan "New Robotics Strategy". Although the names are different, But the common core of these national strategies is: intelligent manufacturing, hoping to use digital, automated, and intelligent technology to reduce dependence on labor, so as to achieve the goal of high efficiency, green, and high quality, so as to enhance the competitiveness of different countries. To
Specific to oneself, with the development and maturity of the entire industry, end users’ expectations for silicone rubber products continue to increase. Pure manual operation can no longer meet the high-quality requirements of products. Enterprises have increasingly strong demands for high-quality products. The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain also have an urgent need for automation and intelligence.
History and process, embrace change or ignore it, there is an end from the beginning of the choice.

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