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According to statistics from the China Association of A […]

According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2012, automobile production and sales reached 19.271,800 and 19,306,400 vehicles, an increase of 4.63% and 4.33% year-on-year respectively. The consumption of silicone rubber in the automobile industry reached approximately 20,000 tons. According to the latest research of Guanyan Tianxia, ​​increasing the amount of silicone materials used in auto parts can greatly improve the safety performance of automobiles. Therefore, the increase in automobile production and the level of single-vehicle consumption will promote the increase in the demand for silicone rubber in the automobile industry. . The state encourages the development of self-owned brands of automobiles and realizes the autonomy of key auto parts. The "2012 Catalogue of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs (Draft for Comment)" expands the market share of self-owned brands in government procurement and changes the current domestic government The procurement of products with joint venture brands as the mainstay provides a guarantee. Promote the development of independent brands, and the prosperity of the domestic automobile industry will provide a strong guarantee for the application of automobile glue. It is predicted that in the next three years, my country's room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber will grow at an average annual rate of 20% in the automotive industry.
In addition, silicone rubber is the most important non-petroleum-based synthetic rubber, accounting for about 98% of the consumption of non-petroleum-based synthetic rubber. However, because of the sharp increase in oil prices, and at the same time, my country has made breakthroughs in the production technology of silicone monomers, the key raw material of silicone rubber. The production technology of silicone monomers was monopolized by several multinational companies before 2005, but my country has developed It has become the world's No. 1 country in the world for organic silicon monomers. These two reasons have made the price of silicone rubber lower than petroleum-based synthetic rubber since 2011, only about 80% to 90% of bulk petroleum-based rubber, making it the cheapest Synthetic rubber, and began to replace petroleum-based synthetic rubber on a large scale. This will greatly expand the market space of the silicone industry, and at the same time will drive the consumption of other silicone products such as silicone oil, silane coupling agent and silicone resin.

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