The difference between food grade silicone products


We know that rubber materials are commonly used in indu […]

We know that rubber materials are commonly used in industries, machinery, automobiles and other fields due to their excellent mechanical properties and reasonable prices. Silicone is widely used in electronic equipment due to its environmental protection and non-toxicity. In fact, silica gel can be divided into ordinary according to its characteristics. Food grade, medical grade, industrial grade, etc. Today we are going to discuss food grade silicone products
Food grade silica gel, as the name knows, is a kind of silica gel that can be in contact with food. Its tensile strength, elasticity, transparency, tear strength, resistance to high and low temperatures, aging resistance, and texture are superior to ordinary silica gel.
So how to distinguish between ordinary silicone products and food-grade silicone products? It is obviously not realistic to analyze the materials directly.
The editor introduces two simple methods: one pull and two smells. If it turns white after pulling, or if it has a pungent smell, it is common. Of course, this is only a simple method, and only through the US FDA standard. Or the ability of the European LFGB standard is strictly called food-grade
Let’s talk about the application again. When we talk about it, you may wish to think about what are the ordinary silicone products, such as mobile phone cases, silicone earplugs, etc., yes, these are all,
The common baby pacifiers are food-grade silicone products. In addition, other food-grade applications may be rarely seen in China, but they are particularly popular abroad. For example, silicone spatulas are generally used for cooking in foreign countries. Don’t worry too much. It’s soft and unmovable, but it’s not popular in the country because of the common use of fire.
Another example is food silicone molds, which are used to make cakes and foods with special shapes. Because of the high temperature resistance and non-toxicity of silica gel, they can be directly heated without worrying about its safety.
Of course, in addition to typical applications such as baby pacifiers, silicone kitchenware, and food silicone molds, there are other application scenarios such as silicone cup lids and silicone fresh-keeping bags.

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