The green development trend of rubber seals


Most of the original materials used for rubber sealing […]

Most of the original materials used for rubber sealing strips can still be used as the original materials for green rubber sealing strips, such as EPDM. Because this material has a high vulcanization speed, excellent extrusion technology function, excellent ozone resistance, weather aging resistance and more sophisticated processing technology, it will still be produced for a long time in the future. The preferred rubber. The extrusion technology has good functions. The fast-extruding, semi-reinforced and general-purpose carbon black with large filling volume is a commonly used reinforcing agent for EPDM rubber, and it is also an additive for green rubber sealing strips. The foaming agent should also be a product with a closed mouth, small pore size and uniform pores. In order to reduce the pollution and dust flying during the production of green rubber sealing strips, masterbatch-type granular vulcanizing agents and accelerators are mainly used as additives. Raw materials that are toxic or carcinogenic substances that occur during the production process should not be used as the raw materials for green rubber seals. Some materials that pollute the environment and are harmful to the human body should be replaced.
The green rubber sealing strip is a new and environmentally-friendly product. Due to its good function, the market prospect is excellent. Now the sealing strip producing companies in developed countries such as the United States have developed colorful sealing strips, and Chinese companies should also start the research and development of colorful sealing strips to meet the needs of different users.
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