The relationship between the pump valve and the rubber diaphragm


Where there are pumps, valves are inseparable, and wher […]

Where there are pumps, valves are inseparable, and where there are pumps and valves, they cannot be separated from diaphragms. What kind of connection is between pumps, valves, and diaphragms? Before talking about the connection, it is necessary to popularize it with everyone. The basic knowledge of pumps, valves, and rubber diaphragms is like learning arithmetic, you must first understand the numbers.
There are many types of pumps, including water pumps, oil pumps, and air pumps. According to the driving mode and working principle, they can also be divided into electric, power, and centrifugal pumps. The pumps we often see for watering and irrigation are water pumps. The total output of water pumps accounts for more than half of all pumps.
Although there are many types of pumps, their functions are all the same: they are used to transport or pressurize fluids (fluids can be liquids or gases), and when it comes to machinery used to transport fluids, Chinese waterwheels have a longer history. It has existed in the first century AD, and the flow rate, head, and speed are the main criteria for distinguishing the performance of the pump.
The pump is used to transport and pressurize fluid. Yes, the function is relatively simple, but the realization of good multi-function is to transport and pressurize fluid, such as the hydraulic system of excavators, the opening and closing of airplane wings, and the ups and downs of submarines. Wait a minute, and do you have a better understanding of the pump in this way, and the realization of these functions has higher requirements on the sealing performance of the rubber diaphragm. If the sealing performance is not good, it will affect the performance of the product. .
Next, let’s talk about valves. According to different conveying media, they can be divided into: drain valve, exhaust valve, drain valve, and drain valve. According to their functions, they can be divided into: shut-off valve for opening and closing. This is the simplest one. , But the larger the diameter of this kind of valve is, the more difficult it is to open and close. There are check valves to prevent backflow of fluid, and pneumatic vacuum valves and vacuum ball valves used in vacuum systems. According to the driving principle, it can be: manual, pneumatic , Electromagnetic, electric, turbine, etc.
Although there are many types, the functions are all the same, which can be summed up as: used to open and close, control the pressure, flow direction and speed, flow and pressure of the fluid.
Different types of valves have slightly different structures, but they all have the same basic requirements: tightness is an important indicator of valve performance, and fluid cannot overflow when closed, which is more important for flammable, explosive, and toxic media , Even if it is a little leakage, the consequences are unimaginable. The second is wear resistance. It can’t be opened and broken several times. This is also the most basic requirement for manufacturers of rubber diaphragms. In addition, you must pay special attention to these two points when you use it later. It is necessary to do sealing test and anti-rust treatment frequently,
Before talking about the diaphragm, we don’t have to talk about the development trend of pump valves. Due to the influence of their own materials (mostly metal) and the working environment, the pump valves will inevitably appear corrosion, wear and other conditions that affect product performance. Finally, Having to replace the equipment has caused a waste of funds for the company, and a waste of resources. In this context, new pump body materials such as ceramics and plastics have become a new trend in the development of the industry. This is also a European and American brand. The reason for competitiveness is not only low cost, but also more durable than general pump body materials.
Finally, I talked about the diaphragm. I have given you the article about rubber diaphragms. I believe you have a better understanding of the diaphragm. In fact, the diaphragm is not only used in pumps and valves and other mechanical industries, but also in horns and air purifiers. You can also see its shadow, and for the pump valve, no matter what fluid medium is, as long as there is a place to open and close, there must be different degrees of leakage problems. The existence of the diaphragm, in addition to adjusting the pressure/flow rate, and damping The most basic and important function of buffering is to solve the problem of airtightness. The different materials used, such as nylon, cotton canvas, stretch cloth, polyester fabric, etc., are used to make the diaphragm achieve Different properties, such as flexibility, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, etc.
So far, the pump, valve, and diaphragm have been introduced. In a brief summary, the pump is used to transport fluid, the valve is used to control the opening and closing of the fluid, and the diaphragm acts as a seal and regulates pressure and flow.
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