The use characteristics of automobile sealing strip


1. Check whether the sealing strip is cracked or broken […]

1. Check whether the sealing strip is cracked or broken. If the sealing strip is broken, it can be repaired with adhesive. Especially with special adhesive for sealing strips, large cracks can be easily repaired. Of course, if the sealing strip is severely damaged or aging, it is better to replace the new sealing strip to save trouble.
2. After the car owner uses car detergent to clean the door and window sealing strips, it is best to apply a layer of high permeability protective agent, which can prevent the sealing strip from aging and greatly improve the sealing performance of the sealing strip. In addition, the gaps between the sealing strips are easily filled with sand and dust, which can cause rust. For this reason, sand and dust should be removed with a brush.
3. When replacing the entire car body, a layer of sealant should be applied to the overlapped part of the weld. The thickness of the glue layer should be about 1mm, and the glue layer must not have defects such as virtual stickiness and air bubbles. 3mm-4mm elastic coating and anti-corrosion coating should be applied to the entire lower surface of the floor and the lower surface of the front wheel cover. These measures can not only greatly enhance the airtightness of the vehicle and slow down the corrosion rate of the car body, but also greatly improve the ride comfort.
4. The sealing of the door and the car body is a difficult part. The sealing requirements are relatively strict, the part to be sealed is relatively long, the cross-sectional shape of each sealing part is not the same, and the door is opened and closed frequently. In luxury cars, three and four seals are often installed, and the four-layer seal structure of the front pillar and the roof side beam is installed. This kind of multi-channel seal is generally arranged in the front door seam. In addition to the sealing function, it also has the function of sound insulation and noise reduction of the car.
5. After the car window glass is damaged, the car owner should check whether the sealing strip is damaged when changing to the glass. Since car windows often fail to return to their original shape after being repaired, in addition to ensuring that the car window glass can be easily pulled or lifted at this time, attention should also be paid to the airtightness around the car window glass. If the gap between the glass and the glass notch is uneven, and the rubber strip is in poor contact with the glass and the glass groove, the car owner can easily pull the sealing strip off by hand.
6. When changing the roof, the car owner should first apply a layer of conductive sealant on the periphery of the roof, and then apply hemming glue all over the water tank and the joints after the welding is completed. This will not only help the body The sealing can prevent the car body from rusting early due to the accumulation of water at the flange weld.
7. The car sunroof is the basic configuration of most family cars. When the sunroof of the car is opened, the rubber sealing strip track is exposed to the air, which inevitably accumulates dust and even runs into small gravel. Long-term use may cause the sunroof to be deformed due to wear and tear and block the drainage hole. Therefore, it is very important to clean the track regularly and apply lubricating oil to the track.
Although the car sealing strip is a small part in the car body, it can ensure that the door is stable and heavy, and it can also protect the car from wind and rain, dust, heat and sound insulation, and has a decorative effect on the edges of the doors and windows. When the body is subjected to vibration and distortion, the sealing strip also functions as a buffer, shock absorption, and protection of the glass. Therefore, car maintenance is no small matter, and any link cannot be ignored.

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