The Working Principle Of Rubber Gasket


Rubber gasket is a kind of self-expanding gasket, which […]

Rubber gasket is a kind of self-expanding gasket, which belongs to pipeline sealing component. The gasket is composed of an outer layer ring, a middle expansion ring and an inner layer ring; the outer layer ring and the inner layer ring are general elastic sealing rings. The center of the middle expansion ring has a ring bubble structure, and the two sides are hollow rings. The outer side of the ring is sealed, and the inner side of the ring is open; the outer layer ring and the inner layer ring are divided into two parts, which are installed on the inner and outer sides of the ring bubble structure of the middle expansion ring.
The working principle of rubber gasket

Rubber gaskets are also widely used. We usually drink a layer of rubber gaskets on the lids of beverages, which are used for sealing, and use this to isolate the circulation of the outside air. The working principle of the machine is static and dynamic. In short, they are used to isolate from the outside world or a certain place. The working principle of rubber gaskets is also very simple. It can be said that there is not much principle, that is, isolation.
Rubber gaskets reduce or eliminate voids are the primary way to prevent leakage. The effect of sealing is to seal the gap between the joint , block or cut off the leakage passage, add resistance in the leakage passage, or add small work elements in the passage, which will create pressure on the leakage, which is somewhat different from the pressure that causes leakage. Offset or balance thoroughly to prevent leakage. Sealing can be divided into two categories: static sealing between the relative stop joint surfaces and dynamic sealing between the relative moving joint surfaces. Static sealing is mainly a kind of sealing, rubber sealing and touch sealing. According to the operating pressure, static sealing can be divided into medium and low pressure static sealing and high pressure static sealing. Medium and low pressure static seals are usually made of soft materials and wide gaskets, while high pressure static seals use hard materials and narrow metal gaskets. The dynamic seal can be divided into two basic types: rotary seal and reciprocating seal. According to whether the parts moving relative to the seal and its effect are touching, it can be divided into touch seal and non-touch seal.

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