What are shaft seals? What are the advantages?


The shaft seal  is composed of a low friction filled PT […]

The shaft seal  is composed of a low friction filled PTFE seal ring and a vulcanized rubber ductile O-ring. It is a kind of hydraulic cylinder technology professional and dental inlay seal, and it is also a single Edge function components. High-pressure system software hydraulic cylinder suitable for parallel linear motion of high and low speed gears. Because the acoustic seal index is similar, the application of Dongsheng shaft seals for hydraulic cylinder seals can achieve zero leakage. Generally, they must be used with guide ring supporting facilities to bear the axial force of the hydraulic cylinder. The actual effect of using lip antifouling seals is better. powerful.
Advantages of shaft seals:
1. Good anti-extrusion performance
2. Maintain good sound sealing characteristics.
3. The specifications are stable and will not be harmed by the ambient temperature
4. It is not easy to produce trapped pressure, so multiple sealing rings can be installed
5. High-quality anti-friction features, low sliding friction and long service life
6. Even after a long period of non-working, no crawling during operation
7. It has a good adjustment function for strong impact system software
Strength of O-ring: The strength of O-ring raw material is the most important index value for identifying sealing performance. The strength of the O-ring affects the amount of compression of the O-ring and the larger the groove can squeeze the gap. O-ring squeeze gap: The larger the squeeze gap is related to the working pressure of the system, the cross-sectional diameter of the O-ring and the strength of its material. Generally, the higher the pressure, the larger the squeezing gap, the smaller the selected value. If the gap exceeds the allowable range, it will cause the O-ring to squeeze or even be destroyed.
Compression permanent deformation: Another index value to identify the sealing performance of the O-ring is the compression permanent deformation of the selected material. Under the action of working pressure, the O-ring as an elastic element causes elastic deformation, and with the expansion of working pressure, permanent plastic deformation will also occur.
O-ring pre-compression: The O-ring is installed in the pipe trench. In order to ensure its sealing performance, an original compression should be pre-embedded. For different applications, the amount of pre-compression relative to the cross-sectional diameter W is also different. Generally, the static seal is about 15%-30%, and the dynamic seal is about 9%-25%.
O-ring tension and compression: When the O-ring is installed in the pipe trench, it will be subjected to tension or compression. If the data of tension and compression is too large, it will cause the cross section of the O-ring to be enlarged or reduced too much. The diameter of the cross section W is reduced by about 0.5% corresponding to 1% of the tension. For hole sealing, the O-ring is best in tension, and the larger allowable drawing amount is 6%; for shaft sealing, the O-ring is preferably compressed along its diameter and the larger allowable diameter is compressed. The amount is 3%.

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