What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber?


Natural rubber Natural rubber is made from rubber tree […]

Natural rubber
Natural rubber is made from rubber tree latex and is a polymer of isoprene. It has good wear resistance, high elasticity, tear strength and elongation. It is easy to age in the air and becomes sticky when heated. It is easy to swell and dissolve in mineral oil or gasoline, resistant to alkali but not strong acid.
Advantages: good elasticity, acid and alkali resistance.
Disadvantages: Not resistant to weather and oil (vegetable oil resistant) is the raw material for making tapes, hoses, and rubber shoes, and is suitable for shock-absorbing parts, products used in hydroxide-containing liquids such as automobile brake oil, ethanol, etc.

Styrene butadiene rubber
Styrene butadiene rubber is a copolymer of butadiene and styrene. Compared with natural rubber, it has uniform quality and less foreign matter. It has better wear resistance and aging resistance, but its mechanical strength is weaker. It can be blended with natural rubber. use.
Advantages: Low-cost non-oil-resistant material, good water resistance, good elasticity below hardness 70, and poor compressibility at high hardness
Disadvantages: It is not recommended to use strong acids, ozone, oils, oil esters and fats and most of the hydrocarbons. Widely used in tire industry, shoe industry, cloth industry and conveyor belt industry.

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