What are the characteristics and applications of nitrile rubber gaskets?


1. Characteristics of nitrile rubber gasket: petroleum […]

1. Characteristics of nitrile rubber gasket: petroleum base oil, hydrocarbon resistance and water resistance increase with the increase of acrylonitrile content, but the low temperature and air permeability will decrease accordingly. It is not suitable for phosphate ester, hydraulic oil and containing Polar additives in gear oils.
2. Nitrile rubber gasket Application range:
Applicable pressure: <3Mpa
Applicable temperature: -30-120℃
3. Applicable medium: engine oil, gear oil, machine oil, main shaft oil, refrigerating oil, lithium base grease, turbine oil, emulsion, glycol, (brake oil), (transformer oil), light oil, (heavy oil) , Gasoline, water, sulfuric acid 30%, (hydrochloric acid 20%), dilute alkali, ethanol, glycol, (ozone). Note () The medium is available, but selective.
Nitrile rubber gasket is mainly used for static sealing at flange joints, and can also be used to make O-rings, oil seals, lip seals, miscellaneous parts, etc.


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