What are the classifications of car seals?


1. Sort by name Automobile sealing strip Engine cover s […]

1. Sort by name
Automobile sealing strip Engine cover sealing strip (HOOD) can be divided into front part, side wall and rear part; door frame sealing strip (DOOR SEAL); front and rear wind window sealing strip (WINDOW SCREEN); side window sealing strip (SIDE) WINDOWSEALING; SUNROOF SEALING; PRMARY DOOR SEAL; GLASSRUN CHANNEL; Inner and outer strip (WAISTLINE); Trunk seal (TRUNK SEAL) ; Anti-noise sealing strip (ANTI-NOISE); Dust-proof strip (ANTI-DUST), etc.
2. Classified by sealing characteristics
It can be divided into weather sealing strip (WEATHERSTRIP) and general sealing strip (SEALING). Among them, the weather sealing strip has a hollow sponge tube, which has a better function of maintaining temperature and humidity. Common weather sealing strips include door frame sealing strips, trunk sealing strips, and engine box cover strips. Commonly used general sealing strips include front and rear windshield sealing strips, corner window sealing strips, inner and outer side strips, etc.
3. Classified by compound structure of rubber compound
It can be divided into pure rubber sealing strips-composed of a single type of rubber; two composite sealing strips-composed of dense rubber and foam sponge rubber, often containing metal framework materials in the axial direction inside the dense rubber; three composite sealing strips- It is composed of two kinds of compact glue (one of which is light-colored) and sponge glue, and usually contains a metal skeleton and reinforcing fibers inside the compact glue. Four composite sealing strips-Shanghai Shenya Sealing Parts Co., Ltd. took the lead in the domestic development and production of composite sealing strips composed of 4 kinds of rubber materials, and covered with a thin layer of protection on the surface of the foam rubber (bubble tube) Layer glue to further increase the service life of the seal.
4. Classified by material variety
Can be divided into rubber sealing strips; plastic sealing strips; thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips.
5. Classified by surface treatment status
The surface of some sealing strips has been additionally treated, and can be divided into flocking sealing strips; surface coating sealing strips; and fabric patching sealing strips.
6. Special function classification
Some sealing strips have electronic intelligence functions, such as anti-pinch sealing strips.

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