What are the common leakage methods for vulcanized rubber O-rings (2)


O-ring sealing method: According to the type of load, i […]

O-ring sealing method: According to the type of load, it can be divided into static sealing and dynamic sealing; according to the main purpose of sealing, it can be divided into hole sealing, shaft sealing and rotating shaft sealing; according to its installation method, it can be divided into axial installation and radial installation. When installing in the axial direction, for the shaft seal, the error between the inner diameter of the O-ring and the sealed diameter d2 should be as small as possible; for the hole seal, the diameter should be equal to or slightly lower than the diameter d1 of the pipe groove.

O-ring working material and operating standards: When actually selecting O-ring raw materials, the first thing to consider is the compatibility with the working material. It is also necessary to consider the working pressure, temperature, continuous working hours, operating hours and other working standards of its seal as a whole.

Rubber O-Ring

When installing the O-ring, it is necessary to keep the natural environment of the installation clean, especially to prevent dust from entering the installation site. If hard particles enter, it is likely to cause obvious damage to the surface of the O-ring during operation, and then Reduce the overall service life of the product, and the destruction of surface materials will also increase the corrosive effect of internal fuel and other organic substances, which will cause great damage after a period of use.

Before installation, the surface of the O-ring should be cleaned. At the same time, the installation part, especially the touching surface, should be cleaned completely. One of the reasons is to lift the surface between the O-ring and the sealing member, which has a more stable sealing effect. In addition, it is also possible to carry out inspections on the surface of machinery and equipment, and if there are subtle cracks and irregularities, it can be dealt with in time for maintenance.

Therefore, in the process of installing O-rings, it is necessary to ensure that the natural environment of the installation and the surface of the O-rings are cleaned, and all key points are solved in a sound manner. This will not only enable the sealing effect of the O-rings to be fully utilized, but also At the same time, the service life of the equipment can be increased to prevent the occurrence of accidental and serious damage.

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