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Xianju Dazhong Rubber Seal Factory is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.Our factory is a

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As a famous China Rubber Seals Products Suppliers and Rubber Seals Strip Manufacturers,Xianju Dazhong Rubber Seal Factory is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Since our factory was established in 1998, we have specialized in the production of Rubber Products,such as skeleton oil seals, O-rings, dust jackets, jackets, rubber gaskets, protective coils, automotive seals, etc.

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we have specialized in the production Rubber Products of seals such as skeleton oil seals,O-rings,rubber seal strip,dust jackets,jackets, rubber gaskets,protective coils,automotive seals,etc.

What is the construction method of the seal

Use cotton yarn to clean the dust, oil and water on the surface of the glued part of the seal. If the surface is easy to peel off and rust, it should ...


Advantages and processing of O-rings

The O-ring seal is made of nitrile rubber, silica gel, and fluorine rubber. It is used for dynamic seal (piston seal, piston rod seal) and static seal...


Common rubber sealing ring classification

The commonly used sealing element in the seal is the rubber sealing ring. The classification of the rubber sealing ring is usually based on its main m...


Basic performance of rubber seals

Normally what we call natural rubber refers to the solid material made from natural rubber latex collected from rubber trees through coagulation, dryi...


The development history of automobile sealing strip

For a long time, automotive sealing strips must have three major functions: connectivity, sealing and decoration. With the advancement of science and ...


Material for making automobile sealing strip

Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) is polymerized by adding a small amount of non-conjugated diene into ethylene and propylene monomers. The characteris...


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