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Xianju Dazhong Rubber Seal Factory is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.Our factory is a

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As a famous China Rubber Seals Products Suppliers and Rubber Seals Strip Manufacturers,Xianju Dazhong Rubber Seal Factory is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Since our factory was established in 1998, we have specialized in the production of Rubber Products,such as skeleton oil seals, O-rings, dust jackets, jackets, rubber gaskets, protective coils, automotive seals, etc.

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we have specialized in the production Rubber Products of seals such as skeleton oil seals,O-rings,rubber seal strip,dust jackets,jackets, rubber gaskets,protective coils,automotive seals,etc.

How are silicone rubber products made?

The first is to prepare the raw materials. Raw rubber is the most basic, followed by auxiliary materials used to improve certain properties of the pro...


What are the types of flange rubber gaskets?(2)

4. Fluorine rubber gasket FKM rubber gasket, FPM fluorine rubber sheet, VITION fluorine rubber gasket, fluorine rubber compound is made by mixing bina...


Why do some rubber products require secondary vulcanization?

First of all, it should be noted that not all rubber products need secondary vulcanization, but according to the different raw material formulations, ...


How to control the burrs of silicone rubber products?

The first is the mold. The structural design of the mold, the demolding method, the processing accuracy, etc. are closely related to the size of the b...


Product introduction and product characteristics of silicone rubber O-rings?

1. Product introduction Silicone rubber O-ring is an annular product made of silicone rubber. It is a category of silicone rubber products. The main c...


What are the characteristics of rubber?

When the rubber gasket is molded, the cohesive force of the elastic body cannot be eliminated after being pressed by high pressure, and it tends to pr...


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