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What are the characteristics of rubber?

When the rubber gasket is formed, the cohesive force of the elastic body cannot be eliminated after being pressed by high pressure, and it often produces extremely unstable shrinkage when it is molded and released (the shrinkage rate of the rubber varies with the type of rubber). Can be gentle and stable. Therefore, at the beginning of rubber product design, whether it is a formula or a mold, the fit must be carefully calculated. Otherwise, the product size is likely to be unstable, resulting in low product quality.
Rubber is a hot-melt thermoset elastomer while plastic is hot-melt and cold-set. Due to the different types of sulfides, the temperature range of rubber molding and curing also varies greatly, and may even be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products need to be adjusted appropriately at any time. Product quality may vary without production conditions.