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rubber gasket on metal flange Or other sheet-shaped rubber products that act as a seal between two static surfaces at the joint are collectively referred to as rubber gaskets. It can be made by molding or punched from vulcanized rubber. It can be widely used in various mechanical equipment, and plays the role of gasket, seal, buffer and so on. In different conditions of use, rubber of different materials is used to make rubber gaskets with properties such as oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, and aging resistance. They are widely used in medicine, electronics, machinery, chemicals, antistatic, flame retardant, food, etc. industry.


Taizhou Jiasheng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Famous Rubber Gasket seal Manufacturers and Rubber Mechanical Gasket Suppliers in China, Company was established in 2000, we have specialized in the production of skeleton oil seals, O-rings, dust jackets, sheaths, rubber gaskets, protective coils and other seal products. It has a history of more than 20 years.
  • Strong R&D capabilities and a comprehensive rubber seal product line.

  • 3 rubber extrusion lines and 40 flat vulcanizing machines.

  • In addition to customized products, we also produce standard parts such as O-rings and oil seals..

  • Passed the tests of ROSH, FDA, PAHS and REACH.

  • Rubber Type: Natural rubber (NR). Nitrile rubber (NBR), hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR). Fluorine Rubber (FPM), Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM), Silicone Rubber (SI), Neoprene Rubber (CR), Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Butyl Rubber (IIR), Butadiene Rubber (BR), Acrylate Rubber (ACM) ). We OEM/ODM Rubber Gaskets.

Why choose us

Jiasheng Rubber & Plastic focuses on product research and development. We solve problems for customers from the source of design, strive for excellence in equipment, technology, quality control, etc., and continuously improve standards.

  • professional and dedicated

    We, Jiasheng, have been focusing on rubber products for 22 years. Production process design and program control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, and obtain high-efficiency production control.

  • innovating

    We have a strong R&D team to develop and design practical, durable, and rubber products, and we can also develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

  • high quality

    We have our own laboratory and advanced testing equipment in the industry, constantly verify, pursue details, and create products that satisfy customers.

  • custom made

    It is our goal to fully communicate with customers, choose a better solution, and maximize the long-term interests of customers.

  • Brand Internationalization

    Layout overseas markets, provide diversified choices, and make the world fall in love with Chinese manufacturing.

  • After-sales service

    Continue to pay attention to the follow-up usage, and continuously improve the design, production, quality control and other links according to the feedback. Your satisfaction is the source of motivation for us to continue to do a good job.

Factory Show

Jiasheng has a strong technical force, has introduced internationally advanced production technology and imported rubber formula from Taiwan, and has a well-equipped rubber laboratory.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

How Are Rubber Gaskets Different from Other Types of Gaskets?

Rubber gaskets are a specific type of gasket that is made primarily of rubber materials. They differ from other types of gaskets in several ways, including their flexibility, compressibility, and chemical resistance.

One of the primary differences between rubber gaskets and other types of gaskets is their flexibility. Rubber is a naturally elastic material, which means that it can be stretched and bent without breaking or deforming. This flexibility allows rubber gaskets to conform to irregular surfaces, making them ideal for sealing applications where there may be slight variations in the mating surfaces.

In addition to their flexibility, rubber gaskets are also highly compressible. When a rubber gasket is compressed between two mating surfaces, it will deform slightly to create a tight seal. This compressibility makes rubber gaskets ideal for sealing applications where there may be slight imperfections in the mating surfaces or where there is a need for a tight seal.

Another important difference between rubber gaskets and other types of gaskets is their chemical resistance. Rubber materials are often resistant to oils, fuels, and other chemicals, which makes them ideal for sealing applications where these substances are present. For example, rubber gaskets are commonly used in automotive and industrial applications where they may be exposed to oils, fuels, and other chemicals.

Rubber gaskets can also be produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications. They can be manufactured as solid rubber gaskets or as sponge rubber gaskets, which have a porous structure that allows them to conform to irregular surfaces. Rubber gaskets can also be custom-molded to fit specific applications.

Can A Rubber Gasket Be Reused After Removal?

The reuse of a rubber gasket after removal depends on several factors, including the age and condition of the gasket, the nature of the application, and the amount of damage incurred during removal. While it may be possible to reuse a rubber gasket in some situations, it is generally not recommended as it may compromise the performance and effectiveness of the gasket.

Rubber gaskets are designed to provide a tight seal between two mating surfaces. When a rubber gasket is installed, it is compressed between the two surfaces, creating a seal that prevents the transfer of fluids or gases. During use, the gasket may experience wear and tear, which can cause it to become less effective over time. As a result, it is important to regularly inspect and replace rubber gaskets to ensure proper sealing and prevent leaks.

When a rubber gasket is removed from an application, it may be possible to reuse it if it is still in good condition. However, there are several factors that may make reusing the gasket problematic. First, the gasket may have become compressed or deformed during use, which can prevent it from providing an effective seal when reused. Additionally, the gasket may have incurred damage during removal, such as tearing or stretching, which can also compromise its effectiveness.

In addition to these concerns, there are several other factors that may make reusing a rubber gasket problematic. For example, the age of the gasket may affect its ability to provide an effective seal, as rubber materials can degrade over time due to exposure to heat, light, or chemicals. The nature of the application may also affect the ability of the gasket to be reused, as some applications may require a higher level of sealing effectiveness than others.